Monday, October 8, 2007

i just think this picture represents present time and space because, space is not just horizontal anymore (architectually) its verticle, and its verticle to the extreme. every city is always trying to out-do the other for the title of the tallest building in the world. we also use every bit of space that we can for advertising, not much space is wasted in our modern cities. well, you could say it is being wasted by these horrible or even beautiful sky scrapers and neon billboards. its also an example of time, we have cars that can take us anywhere at a pretty fast speed, the modern person can now do more in a day because of fast transportation, (well not if you have to take santa clarita public transit). its an overload of the senses its exhausting! all the advertising all the go-go-go of todays world. i dont know how anyone keeps up. makes me wonder how it will all change in the future. i think we have reached our peak and from here there's no where to go but down. i just cant imagine cramming more things into one day, there's no way, i believe in the future there will be more leisure.

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